Built Environment Courses

Architecture BA (Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3 years , UCAS Code: K100 BA/Arch

A studio-based design programme is central to the course and is designed to simulate creativity, provoking imaginative resoinses to a range of significant issues. Student undertake a series of design projects which increase in complexity as the course progress. Alongside studio projects, students examine both academic and practical aspects of architecture such as architectural history and theory, as well as construction, sustainable design and management. The course has a particular strength in the teaching of vocational maangement skills.

Architectural Technology BSc (Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3/4 years , UCAS Code: K237 BSc/AT

The Architectural Technologist works with the design and construction professions to ensure optimum building performance and deficiency. The Course enables students to develop an understanding of the design process, contractual issues, and professional obligations. It will teach students the skills to translate design into construction, maximising efficiency and satisfaction. For students opting for the sandwich route, the third year will be spent on a professional placement working in industry.