Computing Courses

Computer and Network Technology BSc (Hons)

Study: Full Time, Duration:3/4 years , UCAS Code: H621 BSc/CNT

Computer networks has grown enormously over the last decade throughout the world. All types of industry have now become heavily reliant on efficient network systems. This has in turn led to a dramatic increase in demand for computer and network experts. The course is vocational in nature with significant practical content and is suitable for students from a wide variety of science and technology backgrounds.

Computer Games Design and Production BSc (Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3/4 years , UCAS Code: GW42 BSc/CGDD

The computer games industry has grown significantly over the last decade and is continuing to expand both in terms of PC and console gaming as well as in the cutting edge domain of mobile gaming. This programme provides the creative and technical skills required to work at the forefront of computer games design and development.

Computer Science BSc (Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3/4 years , UCAS Code: G400 BSc/CS

The primary aim of this programme is to provide a broad, general education in the theory and practice of computing. It aims to produce graduates highly skilled and professional in developing and managing computing solutions, knowledgeable of current and emergent technologies, and with a broad business/industry awareness.

Ethical hacking for Computer Security BSc (Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3/4 years , UCAS Code: G550 BSc/EH4

Working in a large, modern, international organisation, a medium sized company or even a small start-up firm requires a range of business capabilities. The most valuable employees are those who have not only a sound knowledge and understanding of the various parts of a business but those who are quick learners and team players with leadership potential. The MSc Business with Management programme will give students both the general business knowledge and understanding as well as the personal skills needed for a wide variety of roles.

Web Designing and Development BSc (Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3/4 years , UCAS Code: G455 BSc/WDD

Recently we have seen a growing trend people from all walks of life using the web for various reasons. Whether for online shopping, social networking or keeping up-to-date with the news, people are becoming increasingly reliant on the web. With this comes an ever increasing need for IT professionals who possess the knowledge, skills and understanding of how to develop and manage highly-usable features rich interactive applications for the web.

Applied Computing BSc (Hons) (Completion)

Study:Full Time, Duration:1 year , UCAS Code:G50 BSc/AC

This course has be specifically designed to satisfy a demand for Higher National Diplomates (or equivalent) from the UK and overseas who wish to ‘top up’ to BSc (Hons). Students may choose a course of study to suit both their prior knowledge and career aspirations. The course provides excellent career opportunities from relationships developed with various external companies. Careers include work as a programmer, systems analyst, software engineer and system implementer. This course can also be studied by distance learning.

Business Information Management BSc (Hons) (Completion)

Study:Full Time, Duration:1 year , UCAS Code:G500 BSc/BIM

Organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on information systems and are highly aware of the strategic imperative for effective information management in the context of information systems development. Graduates of this programme will have an appreciation of not only Information Systems by also the organizational contexts for which, and in which, they are deployed. Graduates of Business Information Management will have an appreciation of not only Information Systems but also the organisational contexts for which, and in which, they are deployed.

Business Information Systems Management MSc

Study:Full Time, Duration:12/16months , UCAS Code:

This programme provides computing/IT graduates – or graduates from other backgrounds who have good IT system development or system management experience – with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and lead the development of major information systems and/or e-business systems resources. The core curriculum includes project management with PRINCE2, security systems management, the management of change, knowledge management principles, e-business management, consultancy skills and IT strategy.

Computer Network Technology MSc

Study:Full Time, Duration:12/16 months, UCAS Code:

Computer networks underpin almost every aspect of modern business and it is therefore essential that they are designed, configured and operated at their optimum efficiency. This programme provides students with an opportunity to pursue postgraduate study in the rapidly evolving, exciting field of engineering with computing. The core of the programme is designed around the CISCO CCNP syllabus.

Computer Science MSc

Study:Full Time, Duration:12/16 months , UCAS Code:

This degree provides graduates with the professional and technical skills needed to meet the challenging environment of the computing industry. Students develop an understanding of current computing technologies, providing an insight into the underlying theory and giving a firm basis for continued professional development as each technology progresses over time.

Computing and Information Technology MSc

Study:Full Time/ Distance learning, Duration:12/16 months/3 years , UCAS Code:

For those seeking a springboard to employment in a variety of professional roles in Information Technology. A broad-based generalist qualification, suitable for graduates from any discipline who wish to enhance their career opportunities by gaining an internationally recognised qualification in the fundamentals of Computing and Information Technology. This course is offered on a full-time and distance learning basis.

Web Computing MSc

Study:Full Time, Duration:12/16 months, UCAS Code:

The web has changed how we look for information; how we buy, sell, advertise, even how we keep in touch with friends and family. It has given rise to new industries, and new working patterns. Becoming a master of web computing makes a statement that you will not only take part in the future, but that you intend to take a leading role. MSc Web Computing is designed for computer science or web design graduates who want to pursue their topic whilst also broadening their knowledge to understand the social and business context of secure web applications.