Geography and Environment Courses

Crime Science BA (Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3/4 years , UCAS Code: FL43 BA/Crime

Crime Science is a multidisciplinary course which applies a scientific approach to crime prevention detection and investigation by drawing on the discipline area of criminology, forensic s, science, psychology, geography information technology and related fields. Crime investigators will need the skills necessary to identify the new and more opportunity to predict new and future applications of science and technology, in not only detecting and reducing crime, but also in predicting how technology will be used in the future by criminals.

Disaster Management and Sustainable Development PG Cert/Dip/MSc

Study:Full Time, Duration:1 year , UCAS Code:

This course is aimed at individuals interested in pursuing disaster management, as well as practitioners already employed in the sector. The MSc focuses on disaster management and sustainable development including frameworks and skills for addressing contemporary hazards, disasters and complex emergencies, in both post-development and majority world contexts. During the course, students will develop knowledge and analytical skills related to disaster risk reduction, emergency planning, evaluation in the humanitarian sector early warning, response systems and sustainability.