Health and Social Care Courses

Occupational Therapy BSc (Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3 years , UCAS Code: B920 BSc/OT

The philosophy of the degree is based on a belief in the value of therapy and the role of human activity and occupation in maintaining mental and physical well-being it aims to produce occupational therapists who are professionally competent, efficient and creative in planning and carrying out therapeutic interventions for people of all ages.

Physiotherapy BSc (Hons)

Study:Full Time, Duration:3years , UCAS Code: B160 BSc/Physio

This three year full-time programme provides students with the skills to become competent physiotherapy practitioners. The programme is committed to developing sound problem-solving and clinical reasoning skills within an interprofessional learning environment to enable graduates to work autonomously in a wide range of practice setting.

Health and Social Care PG Cert/Dip/MSc

Study:Full Time/Part-Time, Duration:1/2-3 year , UCAS Code:

The MSc Health and Social Care offers the opportunity for health or social practitioners or graduates with an interest in health and social care matters to develop their knowledge of health and social care policy, practice and research. The course is designed to facilitate critical thinking and analysis by combining thorough research skills training with applications of knowledge from related academic disciplines such as social policy or clinical life sciences. The application of rigorous critical enquiry allows for examination of taken-for-granted assumptions that underline discourse, policy and practice in the health and social care arenas.

Health Sciences (Management) PG Cert/Dip/MSc

Study:Full Time, Duration:1 year , UCAS Code:

The MSc Health Sciences (Management) is designed to offer the opportunity for health practitioners and those working in healthcare organizations to focus on practices and drivers in relation to their impact. The intention is to create the conditions in which students can reflect on issues that are relevant to their own professional work. The programme enables individuals to consider the implications of their learning, reading and enquiry for policy and practice in their own area of interest.