edinburgh napier mba
Course Details
  • Duration : 18 months (Trimesters)
  • Awarding body : Edinburgh Napier - UK
  • Intake : January / May / September
  • Academic Year : 2017 - 2018
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Aims and Objectives
  • To develop and enhance specific business competence, knowledge and applicability to organisations in core and optional areas of study.

  • To provide a vehicle for continuing personal and professional development;

  • To develop the student's ability to examine and analyse the impact of the constantly changing environment (local and globally) on organisations, including their own, and to respond appropriately at tactical and strategic levels.

  • To develop insights, critical thinking and management skills necessary to function effectively in a management role and to widen the perspective of students beyond the limitations imposed by their own experience in their own organisation and career to date.

  • To promote the development of intellectual capability, research skills, consultancy skills and creative thinking of the student in order that they can generate original solutions to management problems in their organisation.

This course will enable you to:
  • Stimulating and intellectually challenging, developing your ability to critically evaluate and apply new marketing concepts and practices.

  • Consider marketing across a range of business contexts including consumer, industrial, financial, service, profit and not-for-profit sectors.

  • Develop your communication and team-working skills, enabling you to liaise, direct and communicate with project groups.

  • Enable you to develop an interdisciplinary, theoretically informed and practical understanding of marketing to enable you to become an effective and successful leader in a complex and dynamic global marketplace.

Edinburgh Napier MBA Programme

Core Modules Credits
Building High performance Organisation 20
Management & Organisational Change 20
Marketing within the Global Economy 20
Leading Strategic Decision Making 20
Skills for Managers 20
MBA Project 40

MBA Route Specific Modules

    Core modules and
  • Managing Innovation (20 Credits)
  • Contemporary Issues in Strategic Management (20 Credits)
    Core modules and
  • Global Finance (20 Credits)
  • Finance for Management Decision Making (20 Credits)
    Core modules and
  • Financial Markets, Institutions & Banking (20 Credits)
  • Global Finance (20 Credits)
    Core modules and
  • Contemporary HRM (20 Credits)
  • HRM in an International Context (20 Credits)
    Core modules and
  • International Sales Management (20 Credits)
  • Global Marketing (20 Credits)
    Core modules and
  • Leadership Learning and Development (20 Credits)
  • Managing innovation (20 Credits)
    Core modules and
  • New Venture Planning (20 Credits)
  • Managing Innovation (20 Credits)
    Core modules and
  • Global Logistics & Supply Chains (20 Credits)
  • Project Management (20 Credits)
    Core modules and
  • Project Management (20 Credits)
  • Managing innovation (20 Credits)
    Core modules and
  • Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Management (20 Credits)
  • Global Marketing (20 Credits)
    Core modules and
  • International Festival & Event Management (20 Credits)
  • International Event Management (20 Credits)
    Core modules and
  • Health Policy and Public Involvement (20 Credits)
  • Governance and Accountability in Healthcare (20 Credits)
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the ranking for Business of Edinburgh Napier University?

    Edinburgh Napier is ranked 37 for Business Studies out of 113 UK Universities in the Guardian 2012.

    How do students contact the University?

    You are just like an internal student and by email, you can contact the Academic Staff and University direct. You will be given a University Identity Card confirming the student ID Number.

    Will there be face to face classroom teaching?

    Yes, certainly. Edinburgh Napier university academic staff will visit to provide induction and lectures. You will be further supported by Edinburgh Napier University module leaders.

    What is the meaning of flexible learning?

    It is a novel learning process with an intelligent blend of traditional, resource based and student centred learning. In practical sense, it offers a positive alternative to full time study with minimum disruption to your personal life style and job commitments.

    Don't you think students are isolated in this mode of study?

    You have continuous academic and administrative support from the university. With lectures, seminars and assignments, you are in contact with the fellow students. All local activities will break the isolation and it is a modern approach to learning.